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Y Electrode (Y Probe) - 8 Inch

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Y Electrode (Y Probe) - 8 Inch

Our Most Popular Attachment

If you're using microcurrent therapy to treat chronic pain and inflammation, you may have experienced difficulty in reaching some spots on your body due to mobility issues. The Y Electrode's ergonomic design makes microcurrent therapy much more comfortable and more effective than ever.

What Makes the Y Electrode so Popular?

The Y Electrode can efficiently and effectively accomplish a variety of treatments and is especially helpful in accessing curved areas of the body like hands, feet, and the face.

Perfect for Treating Hard-to-Reach Spots and Those with Mobility Issues

Its 8″ handle allows you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. If you currently suffer from mobility or flexibility issues, the Y Electrode is an excellent ally in helping you successfully conduct microcurrent therapy protocols.   

What is the Y Electrode Used For?

This tool is incredibly helpful in assisting with the following protocols:

  • Vagus nerve stimulation— Vagus nerve stimulation is so important to healing that it lies at the center of almost every anti-inflammatory protocol we conduct!
  • Cosmetic procedures such as the microcurrent facelift— Achieve healthy, firm, young-looking skin without the invasive nature of a traditional facelift or Botox, right at home!
  • Pirogov's Ring—This gentle immunity treatment is used to treat respiratory infections such as laryngitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, and other symptoms affecting the mouth, teeth, and parotid gland. Pirogov's Ring can be used preventatively or as a treatment during cold and flu season.

 "Y" You Need this Accessory in Your Collection

The Y Electrode is our most popular attachment. Try it today and enjoy the easy and practical nature of this must-have accessory.