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Sana Therapeutics Stress Relief Kit

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Sometimes our stress levels can be an imbalance of nutrients within our bodies, and other times we may simply need to put something extra in us to calm us down.  We’ve put our decades of experience with herbal supplements into creating a small and affordable supplement bundle that can help reduce stress across the board, whether it’s caused through missing nutrients, or just spontaneous environmental stress.

This simple bundle consists of two things:

  1. Sana Therapeutics Stress Relief Tea is all organic specially selected tea blended by a local partner who specializes in all things tea! It includes: White mistletoe, bean hip, St. John's wort, birch leaves, gingko leaves, stinging nettle, lemongrass, natural flavour, which all combine into a tea that not only tastes great, but can really help to reduce stress. This bundle contains 100g - enough for 25 cups (and enough tea bags to handle those 25 cups just in case you don't do loose tea!).
  2. Adrenergy – a specialized Adrenal supplement that can give you the adrenal support you need to get through stressful situations. Think about it – our fight or flight mode is all adrenaline. We run on adrenaline to lift that car to save our child, or to push our way out of a burning building. The problem is that our Adrenaline stores are only so big, and if we continue to live in stressful environments or situations (such as illness) with weakened adrenals, then we suffer the consequences. This is why Adrenergy is such an essential part of this kit.

While the tea can help to keep you calm and de-stress, the Adrenergy will top off your adrenals, and help prepare your body to handle stress in manageable doses.

Dosage instruction card included in package.