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2-in-1 Air Purifier and Disinfectant Device

What is it?
This is our favored 2-in-1 high voltage air purification and disinfection device with adjustable operation intensity to provide clean air. This machine can purify or disinfect the air depending on the chosen operation intensity. The unique Salt Therapy Filter contains salt crystals from one of the world s most famous curative salt mines, the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine.
  • Runs quietly
  • No costly filters
  • No moving parts
  • Low electric consumption
  • Power supply: wall adapter
  • Well-designed sleek and attractive look
  • Natural salt therapy

How does it work?

The essencAir uses high voltage technology to filter and disinfect the air. There are no moving parts. It uses electricity to draw air inside the unit through its specifically designed electrode settlement. The air pollutants are collected by this built-in electrode system. During operation the device produces a very small amount of ozone.

The moisture of air passing through the Salt Therapy Filter absorbs a small amount of micron sized salt particles, taking along the beneficial effect of the natural salt therapy. (It doesn't blow salt dust into the air. The operation of the device does not lead to any deposition of salt.)

What does it do?

Indoor air quality is a major concern to all of us. According to statistics the average indoor air is up to five times more polluted than the air outside. This machine:
  • Filters the air
  • Absorbs all impurities from the air
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Generates negative ions
  • Blocks odor
  • Adds freshness to the air