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Sana Therapeutics Anti-Inflammatory Support Kit

Would you like a One Month Supply, or Two

Introducing the SANA Therapeutics Anti-Inflammatory Support Kit!

Combat Inflammation Naturally:

Our specially curated kit is designed to address inflammation head-on, delivering potent ingredients right where your body needs them most. A standout is our SANA Resolve blend. It boasts a clinically proven ingredient that promises a significant reduction in joint pain and stiffness in just 7 to 10 days – a game-changer in the supplements market!

Address the Root Cause of Pain and Disease:

Chronic inflammation is often labeled the silent culprit behind numerous health conditions. Inflammation can be the underpinning factor in a wide range of diseases, from heart conditions to arthritis, diabetes, and even certain cancers. By actively managing and reducing inflammation, you're not just alleviating symptoms but addressing the core issues that may give rise to various health challenges.

Power-Packed Ingredients:

  • Turmeric: Each capsule contains a hefty 5000 mg, formulated to ensure maximum benefits even without Black Pepper.
  • Natural Eggshell Membrane: Our kit's secret weapon for joint health, dosed at 50 mg.
  • Synergistic Blend:Ingredients like bromelains, serrapeptase, glucosamine, and chondroitin team up to manage inflammation effectively.
  • Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen:Though present in modest quantities, it plays a multifaceted role in scar healing, bone strengthening, blood sugar stabilization, and more!
  • Omega-3 Powerhouse:Get your daily dose with 250 mg of EPA and a whopping 3000 mg of DHA in every serving.

Expertly Formulated:

Inflammation is not all bad. In fact, inflammation is a vital part of our body's immune response. However, when inflammation outstays its welcome, it brings about persistent, chronic pain.

Supplements can help eliminate this pain by working to remove the unwanted inflammatory response from the body. The problem is that there are SO many supplements on the market that it is hard to find a high-quality product, in the correct composition, with high enough doses that will do the job.

Dr. Hache's many decades of work as an Herbalist, and a Naturopathic doctor, go into every support kit we design.

The Sana Therapeutics Anti-Inflammatory Support Kit was born from the question:

If you were only to choose only a few supplements to manage chronic pain,what would they be?

Flexible Options:

Choose between a one-month supply for a quick boost or a two-month supply for extended care.

Customize according to your needs!

Why Wait?

Dive into a holistic, drug-free solution to inflammation. Elevate your wellness journey with the SANA Therapeutics Anti-Inflammatory Support Kit. Order yours now and embrace the benefits!