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Make Screen Time Safer

Screens of computers, tablets, and televisions are a common source of radiation: not only when they are utilized, but also when they are standby mode. The screenFloww® has been explicitly designed to create a healthy and natural environment in the vicinity of these displays.

How Does ScreenFloww® EMF Protection for Computers Work?

ScreenFloww ® is used with your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or television. Place the screenFloww® within 20cm of the screen to create a field of natural body-friendly radiation around the screen. The device, which is to be placed within a radius of 20 cm from the screen, acts as a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into a field of natural body frequencies known as the Floww Field®.

The more radiation, the more powerful the effect of screenFloww®. The field of natural body frequencies that surrounds the screen has a radius of about one meter or three feet.

Positive EMF Shielding Results for Enhanced Productivity and Well Being

Users of the screenFloww® experience more peace and vitality when they sit near their computer, laptop, or tablet. Ramp up your productivity and sense of well-being with screenFloww®, an essential addition to any home or office.