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Avazzia Med-Sport User's Manual

Paperback or E-book

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This fully illustrated, user's guide is the definitive go-to instruction in the history, use, and application of the Avazzia Med-Sport technology as used in pain management by individuals worldwide. Written by world leaders and first movers in Microcurrent Dr. John and Lorraine Hache, PhD, DNM, Psy. The protocols contained within this book, coupled with the operational instructions, can permit you to get a jump-start on both basic, and advanced protocols, to relieve pain associated with a variety of common conditions such as Headaches and Migraines, Lower Back Pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and foot pain (including Plantar Fasciitis).

All of these are in a simple to understand format, most of which can be taken in at a glance due to their single-page layout. The book not only gives readers direct access to these protocols, but also aims to give the reader everything they need to treat all forms of pain as it arises.