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Floww Station

Your Mobile All-In-One EMF Protection Tower 

Floww® Health Technology offers a unique solution to the problem of harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Instead of fighting the EMFs in your home, Floww utilizes and transforms them into beneficial Earth-friendly frequencies. These vibrations are comparable to the beneficial Schumann Resonances found in nature.

What Does Floww Station® Do?

The Floww Station is a mobile all-in-one EMF protection tower that has been specifically developed to support and preserve the natural energy of your:

  • Office
  • Hotel room
  • Boat galley
  • Holiday home
  • And, of course, your primary residence

The Floww Station has a reach of approximately 12 meters (roughly 40 feet), creating a Floww field that is effective on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and even 5G signals.

Floww Station® Benefits:

  • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. The Floww Station® has been developed specifically to protect you and your family from harmful environmental EMFs. It creates a protective field around you that neutralizes EMFs, transforming them into health-boosting frequencies.
  • OFFSET 5G RADIATION. 5G is a new, more powerful type of EMF that is increasingly used in our daily lives. It is harmful to health and can even cause cancer and other illnesses. The Floww Station protects you from this destructive radiation.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT AND USE. The Floww Station is light and easily transported, so you can take it wherever you go.
  • SUSTAINABLE FOR PEOPLE & PLANET. Floww Station® requires no electricity or batteries and is crafted from a combination of wood and recycled thermoplastic.
  • A BEAUTIFUL ADDITION TO ANY MODERN HOME. Floww Station® keeps a minimalistic, clean, and eco-centric aesthetic. With its sleek green color and homey wood accents, it's sure to become a standout piece in any room!

How Floww Station® Works:

Place the Floww Station 2 to 6 meters (roughly 6-20 feet) away from your desk, hotel bed, camping bed, or the place in your home where you spend the most time.

The best part? You can take it with you wherever you go! Think of Floww Station® as a cost-effective alternative to the Home Floww® System. The only difference is that you need to move it with you.  

 Tip: Use multiple Floww Stations for larger environments.

Floww Station® Product Details:

Size: 20cm x 20cm x 41cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 16 in)

Weight: 2kg (4.40 lbs.)

Material: Wood and Recyclable thermoplastic