Floww Drops
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Floww drops are bioresonance drops that work on a purely energetic non-homeopathic basis by delivering multi-bioresonant equivalences. Bioresonant equivalences are positive frequencies that resonate at the level of the invading frequency.

Floww drops are specially designed to protect the integrity of the structure of the cells in your body which are constantly challenged by (non-ionising) radiation. When the human body is in an environment that contains significant levels of radiation, it has been shown through studies on plants that subtle physical energies can be disturbed.

It is believed that when plant cells are affected by radiation, they can no longer absorb the substances they need, such as oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The cells eventually die and over a period of time this affects the vitality of the whole organism. The functioning of the plant is gradually impaired and this may ultimately result in some form of ‘disease’.