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Floww Drops

A Bioresonant EMF Protection Solution

When the human body is in an environment that contains significant levels of radiation, it has been shown through studies on plants that subtle physical energies can be disturbed. Floww dropsare specially formulated to protect the integrity of the structure of the cells in your body, which are constantly challenged by (non-ionizing) radiation.

How Do They Work?

Floww drops are bio-resonance drops that work on a purely energetic, non-homeopathic basis by delivering multi-bio resonant equivalences. Bio resonant equivalences are positive frequencies that resonate at the level of the invading frequency.

How to Use Floww Drops for Protection

Incorporate floww drops into your daily routine to fight back against the adverse effects of damaging EMFs in your environment. It's a simple action that can safeguard you from the consequences of harmful radiation today.