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PersonalFloww®: EMF ProtectionWherever You Go!

Developed especially for people who are 'on the go,' Floww® Health Technology has developed the personalFloww® to keep you protected wherever life takes you.

The personalFloww® creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. Carry the personalFloww® close to your body, for example in the pocket of a jacket or trouser, or place it under your pillow.

How Does the PersonalFloww® EMF Shielding Device Work?

The device works like a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into natural body-friendly frequencies known as the Floww® Field. Within this field, users experience more peace and vitality. The energy which is necessary to create this field is produced by the radiation present in the surrounding area; the more radiation there is, the more powerful the Floww® Field!

Where Can I Use PersonalFloww®?

Anywhere! PersonalFloww® can be used:

  • At the office
  • At home
  • While Sleeping
  • While traveling
  • On public transit
  • In shopping centers
  • And wherever else you can imagine!

How Do I Use the PersonalFloww®?

Simply make sure the personalFloww® is in your immediate proximity! Place it in the following areas:

  • Jacket pocket
  • Pants pocket
  • Purse or backpack
  • Under your pillow, while sleeping
  • On your nightstand, while sleeping

Note that the personalFloww® should always be worn on, or close to, the body.

Why are there two sizes?

Research has shown that as a general guideline; males over 12 years of age should carry a ‘medium’ size, the ‘small’ version is suitable for females and all under-12’s. Please choose your size accordingly from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

PersonalFloww® Testimonials

Read below to learn why users love this technology.

"Thanks to the personalFloww, I now have a much clearer head. I feel less agitated. The first day I took the personalFloww with me to work, was the first day I did not have a headache...I also experienced some headaches when I got up in the morning, but as soon as I started sleeping with the personalFloww under my pillow, these almost entirely disappeared. - Bouma, Sneek 

"At the office, I always spend a lot of time behind my two screens. Usually, after a few hours, I could feel my energy slipping away and at the end of the day I would have dry eyes and would feel exhausted. After purchasing the personalFloww, I felt a bit ill for a few days. I was nauseous and had a flu-like feeling. According to my therapist this could be seen as a detoxification process: now that my cell communication was being restored, a lot of substances that had been trapped in my cells were coming out.  At the moment I experience a calm and relaxed feeling in my body. In general, I now also have a greater sense of inner peace. Thanks to Floww, everything is fine now, and I have no more complaints." - Edwin Wijsman

"Our daughter had an extreme form of eczema and suffered from insomnia because of this. A homeopath ran some tests which showed she was overexposed to radiation, which, amongst other things, was expressed in her eczema. We then bought a personalFloww and saw her skin heal within weeks. She always wears the personalFloww now and sleeps well again. - Hans IJtema, Nieuwehorne


Shield Your Personal Space From Harmful EMFs

personalFloww® is a versatile and simple way to combat harmful EMFs in everyday life. Get one for every member of the family to keep your loved ones safe and healthy, wherever they may go.