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Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition

Paperback/E-book Combo OR E-book

Cellular Makeover was first released in 2011 and quickly became a sensation. It’s come to be recognized as an encyclopedic resource for practitioners and the layperson interested in implementing cutting edge technology to attain healthy, glowing skin without resulting to harmful chemicals and surgeries. Significant breakthroughs in the field of nutritional science and health have revealed the newest, most effective secrets to attaining firm, stunning skin, at any age.

This new, expanded edition has been reorganized for easy reading, including topics of more general interest, focusing on more technical information as the book progresses.In Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition, you will discover:

  • The structure of your skin
  • How Skin ages
  • How your lifestyle choices affect your skin
  • Safety in cosmetics, what to avoid, and natural recipes for skin care and beauty
  • The philosophy of energy meridians
  • Holistic healing models
  • How microcurrent heals skin at a cellular level
  • Natural scar healing protocols
  • Instructions for performing a complete Microcurrent Face Lift for spa or home use

And Much More!

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lorry Hache, a world-renowned authority on microcurrent therapy, has witnessed the striking results of microcurrent for skin rejuvenation, whether it be medical or cosmetic. By balancing facial massage via electro-stimulation technology, a healthy lifestyle, and the ancient Chinese concepts of body meridians, your skin will be looking and feeling better than ever, while avoiding needles, surgeries, chemicals, and pain. Put your best face forward and conquer the day with confidence, naturally.