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Microcurrent: Advanced Wound Healing

Paperback or E-book

The care and treatment of wounds has long been attributed to the western medical system, which has developed within itself a method for treating wounds that can in effect extend the duration of the wound, and cause excruciating pain in the process. Wounds or pain can become such a detriment on people's lives that they have all but given up. Dr. John Hache has spent years of his life helping patients in these situations find relief from this pain. With Microcurrent technology we have the power to restore that life to them. 
This illustrated book aims to examine the current epidemic in the prescription of harmful medications for the management of acute and chronic pain as well as the reasons behind delayed wound healing. We will consider why wounds take so long to heal, and why a lot of them do not heal at all; furthermore, we will show you a non-invasive way to accelerate their repair. The prevalence of prescription medications and surgical intervention within the medical field has prevented, and still prevents, medical professionals from seeing the advantages that alternative methods can produce. Within this book we will go over individual cases, a full case study with over 100 participants, and reveal specific step-by-step protocols for a variety of types of wounds, both basic, and severe that you can do with your microcurrent technology. 
These studies presented within reveal remarkable evidence that correct use of microcurrent technology, could—right now—replace a portion of the current medical practices in the treatment of wound healing.  
Dr. John Hache earned a PhD in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University. His thesis focused on research and practice in the healing of wounds using microcurrent technology.