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How We Got Started

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead
With this quote in mind, Lorraine and I had no doubt in our minds that if we built it, they would come. Lorry and I had been involved in microcurrent technology featuring biofeedback electro stimulation, sometimes called electronic signaling or just lately in the "Scientific American" as bioelectronic medicine, for over 16 years.

The Russians had a unique way of teaching. It was more "we'll teach you how it is done, you figure out why and how it works". And worked it did. Our first encounter with the Russian Scenar devices was very impressive. Being a different medical model from what we were taught as therapists, It changed the way we understood the true workings of the body.

When we met Tim Smith and Benjamin Soong, the executives of the Avazzia Corporation, we had a somewhat successful business distributing Scenar devices and training new therapists throughout North America and sometimes England and even Scotland. We were not overly impressed by their devices at the time but their accessories were attractive and Tim Smith had an engineering background so we knew that it was just a question of perseverance and time before they would rival the Russians who were very slow in advancing their technology.

One day a man called me with an idea that he wanted me to look at. His plan was to start an organization called "Electrical Medicine Centers of America" The plan was to charge each participating therapist a one time fee of $1000 up front and a monthly fee of $99.99 for a marketing program involving an aging online marketing technology. After seeing that this program was one of money and greed, we quickly suggested an Academy where like minded people would converge to learn how to use this technology that would soon be named by Scientific American, "the future of medicine". The intention was good but the people introduced into the program lacked in good will as they were more interested in their personal gain. Keeping this technology in the hands of "well intentioned people" has always been a challenge for Lorry and I. We found that greed always trumps good intention and some will stoop to no end to manipulate and use people to their advantage. So our first try at building an Academy did not work out, but persistence reigns and with a few modifications, we were back to our lifelong goals of getting this technology into everybody's hands and supplying them with adequate affordable hands on training. The motto has become "one for every home" Our first attempt at building an Academy did not become an overnight success but after one year of operation, we understood what was holding the Academy back. Welcome to chapter two "The Academy of Applied Bioelectrophysiology"

With the addition of "The Academy Store", our members and Distributors have a site, a Facebook page and a Twitter site where they can exchange ideas and success stories, testimonials and videos as well as make their purchases online.