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Conductive pads 80 x 20 strips

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Conductive Pads 80 X 20 Strips

Conductive, self-adhesive pads for microcurrent treatment. Hands-free treatment allows you to conduct protocols while chilling on the couch, doing chores, or while at work.

Precision Access for Difficult to Treat Areas  

The rectangular shape of these conductive pads makes them ideal for accessing areas where other pads may bend and struggle to stick, such as:

  • The Jawline
  • The Hairline
  • Either Side of the Spine

Buy More and SAVE

Save up to 20% when you buy in bulk. This discount is perfect for practitioners or home users looking to stock up on this essential accessory.

Never worry about struggling again with pads that bunch up, won't sick, or crumple in challenging to reach areas. Once you try the precision design of these conductive pads, your microcurrent protocols will become a breeze.

Save Money and Save the Environment with This Reusable Accessory

Single-use products are a thing of the past. Our conductive pads are perfect for those who love our environment or looking to save money—they can be reused up to 40 times!

Simply rejuvenate your conductive pads with Tensive Gel to use them time and time again.

*Each set contains two (8 cm x 2 cm) pads.

**These conductive pads require the use of a standard red and black lead. Buy one here