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Tensive Gel

Tensive Gel

A Can't-Miss Addition to Microcurrent Conductive Pads.

A Double-Duty Gel for Worry-Free Microcurrent Treatment

Tensive Gel is specially designed to ensure microcurrent conductive pads stay attached properly and work better than ever.

How Does Tensive Gel Work?

Simply apply Tensive Gel to any microcurrent conductive pad and enjoy a slip-free treatment. The real beauty of Tensive Gel? Just a small amount on the back of your conductive pads increases its adherence.

It's instantly conductive upon application so you can get to your treatment right away—no waiting!

Easy to Apply and No Irritation

Forget using medical tape that leaves a sticky, itchy residue behind. Tape rashes are a thing of the past with Tensive Gel.

Enjoy an easy-to-apply, water-soluble formula that is safe for all your microcurrent equipment and even clothing.

Enjoy These Benefits of Tensive Gel

  • Instantly conductive—no need to wait
  • Non-flammable­—safe for the whole family
  • Best performing adhesive gel in our experience
  • Hypoallergenic—no need to worry about allergy attacks
  • No strong odor—enjoy a relaxing treatment
  • Inhibits the reproduction and growth of bacteria
  • Non-irritating—safe for those with autoimmune issues of the skin and children

Don't forget to add this essential accessory to your cart when buying a set of conductive pads of any kind! You'll be blown away at the difference Tensive Gel makes, guaranteed.