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Brush electrode

Do you need a wire?

Brush Electrode

Imagine a hairbrush that delivers gentle yet powerful microcurrent pulses to the scalp. It's now possible! The Brush Electrode is an easy and innovative way to perform microcurrent protocols on not only humans but pets as well!

Skip the Shave!

One of the main protocols used to treat a variety of conditions under the Hache Protocol is called the N-Stimulation Protocol.

This technique (detailed in our protocol manual Current Medicine 2nd Edition) requires electrode-to-scalp contact. The Brush Electrode successfully enables this connection by bypassing the hair and reaching the scalp directly—no shaving required!

Tackles Pain Conditions in Pets

If you have an aging or injured pet, the Brush Electrode will deliver a calming microcurrent treatment that addresses pain conditions with ease, significantly improving the quality of life for your furry friends.

Be sure to buy two brushes, one for your pets and one for the people in your family.

Try the Brush Electrode Today

Whether you are looking to conduct the N-Stimulation Protocol or address pain in your pets, the Electrode Brush is an essential microcurrent accessory to add to your collection. Try it today!

*The Brush Electrode requires a standard lead wire for use.