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December 08, 2018 5 min read

For a comprehensive Report on the MEAD-20 device and what it can do, download our FREE Special Report today.

Many of us are familiar with the effectiveness of Meridians and their use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Microcurrent and Acupuncture are a perfect pair, taking the needles out of the equation and replacing them with the Pencil electrode allows us to deliver current into the acupuncture points and address many different health concerns. One thing that microcurrent can’t do though is evaluate your entire system in one fell swoop. The MEAD, which stands for the Meridian Energy Analysis Device is an external piece of hardware that connects to a computer through a USB port. Through the use of a painless probe, this device takes energy readings from every meridian point on the hands and feet—it guides you through these simply and efficiently with clear diagrams, and shows poor readings allowing you to try again if you feel that you missed—It then displays these as a comprehensive report through the program on your computer.

The MEAD is a fantastic non-invasive, and easy way, to give fast and precise examination of the human body.  It is especially designed for research institutions, Doctors and health businesses—but many of our clients have bought MEAD devices for themselves to help them keep up with their health!  

Here is a breakdown of the features of the MEAD-20

  • Provides analysis information on body energy, autonomic nerve balance, metabolism, yin-yang, Qi-blood, and the 5 Elements
  • Includes therapy advice, dietary regimen and prescriptions based on results
  • Based on a professional management database, which record patients' history and diagnosis information.
  • Offers descriptive and specific diagnosis of abnormality and early warning of probable future dysfunctions.
  • Supports multi-language requirements of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.
  • Features are easy to learn and use. Operates under PC Windows systems.
  • Allows you to obtain analysis information of the entire body within 3 minutes.
  • Automatic system calibration.

What does a MEAD Report look like?

We’ve included the first page of a real MEAD report for a patient named George.

The patient’s last name and address were deleted for anonymity purposes. The blue letter pairs LU, PC, HT, SI, etc. are representative of different acupuncture points as per the meridian abbreviations. LU is lungs, PC is pancreas, HT is heart, SI is small intestine, and so on. The numbers underneath them are based on the readings we receive from the MEAD, and the bar graph below shows which systems are out of balance. Anything below the line shows low energy, and anything about the line is a possible inflammatory response. We worry about reds, especially in pairs. George here is having serious Liver and Gallbladder issues, and these are probably causing his stomach to suffer as a result. There is an energy challenge in the bladder and small intestine as well.

This sort of issue would likely manifest itself physically as bowel issues, or heartburn, and may never be linked in the patients mind to the Liver and Gallbladder. The MEAD has allowed us to pick up on these issues very efficiently with its simple to use interface and 3-minute evaluation time.

With this MEAD report, we are then able to determine a course of action. The Gallbladder and Liver could be treated with Naturopathy, or microcurrent, or preferably both.

As the MEAD reports are completed they also show a complete analysis of the autonomic nervous system:

This shows us body energy (the bar on the left of the pair in which George is in the red), and the stress level of the body (the right of the pair of bars in which George sits in the yellow). If the energy is high, either you are living a high energy life that justifies this, or there may be a thyroid issue going on (hyperthyroid), which could be indicative of a situation you are trying to cope with that is using up a lot of energy. We can use this to ascertain if health issues are rooted in a physical manifestation, or are stress based.

The Five Elements analysis is another component of the MEAD Report which can help confirm some issues.

As we can see in the wheel, our thoughts of the Gallbladder and Liver causing the primary issues are confirmed. The wheel on a completely healthy individual would be fully colored in green. In George's report, we see a significant breakout into the red on Wood (the element governing Liver and Gallbladder), we also see that small intestine and bladder don't quite reach the edge of the circle. This is because energy from them has been diverted into the Liver/Gallbladder and Stomach, due to an inflammatory response. This confirms that treatment of the Liver and Gallbladder will help immensely with restoring balance to the body.

The MEAD has many functions beyond this, but these are some of the core uses. It will go on to make therapy advice, dietary adjustment suggestions, and much more through a roughly 15-page report that can be shared with clients, and stored in the system. The reports are very comprehensive. As clients come in you can also compare reports to check if things are progressing and to see which issues have arisen to dominate the system.

Clients have found this device very helpful in tracking their own progress as well. Some might adjust their diet and do a MEAD report before, and one a day or two later to see how their system is responding to that change. It’s an excellent tool for supporting anyone in their goal to get pain free, and live a better, healthier life.

How technical are they?

This is a big concern for many people. I mean...surely with all of its charts and uses the MEAD-20 is hard to operate right? Wrong. The MEAD is incredibly simple to use. Once its plugged into the computer it guides you to the different meridian points. After you've got them all you just click analyze and your comprehensive report pops up, ready to tell you what's going on!

Where can I get my MEAD?

The MEAD devices can be purchased directly through our store. Currently the MEAD-20 is $200 off its MSRP price, but if you use the discount code MEAD at checkout, you will receive an additional $200 off your MEAD purchase for a total of $400 in savings.

Get yours today by clicking here and see how this comprehensive evaluation device can help you get a better handle on your health, and that of your clients!

John Hache
John Hache

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