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June 22, 2018 6 min read


It’s crazy to think that one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal outside of microcurrent technology is a blanket, but it’s no joke. The Sana Health Blanket has been a staple piece of technology in our clinical work for the last 18 years, and is suitable to treat a variety of pain, and even Mental Conditions. It’s simple to use, you just wrap yourself in it and rest, but there is so much confusion about how it works and what it does for you that to many it’s impossible to think that it can help with anything. The goal of this short article is to enlighten those people, to show them what it can help with, how it works, and share the words of people who have experienced miraculous assistance from a not-so-simple blanket.

What can it help with?

One of the most misunderstood diseases is CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, usually this disorder begins with an injury to a limb, and is believed to be caused by damage to, or malfunction of, the peripheral and central nervous systems. Left to progress, CRPS will overcome the entire body with extreme pain. Kaija (featured in the picture above enjoying her Sana health blanket) was diagnosed with CRPS after rolling her right ankle during a cross country race at school, though the process took 6 painful months of unknowing and distress before she was even given that diagnosis.

Through a combination of microcurrent treatments using the Avazzia technology, and use of her Sana Health Blanket, Kaija was able to go into full remission, something which is all but unheard of in CRPS patients. The blanket however, doesn’t just help people with CRPS, it has also seen results in people with conditions ranging from general pain and discomfort to people suffering from Parkinson's, anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia, CRPS/RSD, Neuropathy, Restlessness, Insomnia, post surgery recovery, and much, much, more.

The Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of the RAMS has, through extensive clinical validation, proven activational Healing Blanket therapy to be highly efficient. The statistical therapeutic results of Healing Blanket therapy based upon the clinical application of the Healing Blanket procedure during the period from 1993 to 1997 are presented in the below chart: 

Disease Category

Improvement %

Partial Improvement %

Unchanged %

























Peripheral NS




Autonomic NS








How does it work?

Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, the Sana Health Blanket represents the result of extensive research conducted within the Russian Space Program to diminish stress and increase vital energy of the Space borne cosmonauts. Its unique composition contains reflective metallic material similar to that used in the lining of the astronaut suits which provides those wrapped in it protection against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields, which are more and more prevalent in our modern environments each day. In addition to this protection in keeping out the bad, this blanket also keeps in the good. It works as an energy mirror, reflecting the body’s natural radiation back and showing the body its ‘energetic portrait’. The body can then begin to correct its imperfections by rebalancing and restoring the harmony and beauty of its natural energy flow, gradually improving the state of health of the individual. The body regains its natural healing powers that are lost as we age, returning to a point in time which was so evident in our youth, where our self-recovery ability was its strongest.

A few stories:

“I worked as an RN in a hospital. I developed CRPS in 1999. I have been looking into getting the Sana Health blanket. 2 days ago a package arrived at my house, my mother in law purchased the blanket for me. Wrapped in the blanket I slept over 11 hrs of deep sleep. I’ve struggled for so many years for deep sleep. With the microcurrent machine and the blanket I feel I’m on the road to recovery…For 12 years (1-2 times a month) I’ve done a 6 hr. drive as a passenger in a work van. My norm has been to get to my destination and go to bed for 2-3 days to recover. Yesterday we did the drive. This time I wrapped myself in the blanket and used my Avazzia Pro Sport 3. I slept last night. Had company over today, then cooked dinner for my in-laws. My in-laws couldn’t believe the difference in me; That I was out of bed. I honestly can’t believe I was doing all this today. I’m grateful my mother in law purchased the blanket for me. We’re getting my sister in law one now.” – Renee McBride, RN

“From a mother's perspective, treating my daughter with CRPS, this Sana Health Blanket has aided in her recovery by shielding her from low barometric pressure systems and addressing autonomic tremors, to providing a quality sleep whether it was a restful nap or a full night's rest. Also, it was excellent when addressing emotional imbalances with much comfort, relaxation and controlled warmth through high pain flares and shielding the dermal nerves when flared as well.” –Kimberly Ann

“We were teaching a class, with an open invite to anyone interested in alternative healing, and a woman came in with her husband, she introduced herself as Jackie, but he just walked slowly to the back of the class, making no eye contact and shaking. She sat next to him, and it was only at the end of the day as everyone else was leaving that she approached us. Jackie’s husband had Parkinson’s Disease, and she was wondering if there was anything we could do. John and I conferred on the matter, and then I took him aside and treated his adrenal glands. We knew that people with Parkinson’s often have adrenal problems. After treating the glands, I moved towards his primary point of pain, which for him was on his ankle. After treating that area for a while the pain dispersed, and he started to hurt all over his body, reassuring him, I went back to the adrenals and treated them again. I lent him our Sana Health blanket and sent him home. He promised he would return the blanket the next morning, but he left in rough shape.The next morning, he didn’t show up. I was upset, I wondered what I had done wrong. John reassured me we had done everything right, and that we simply shouldn’t worry. After lunch his wife walked in, with him in tow. He walked up to the front of the class, he wasn’t shaking. He apologized to the whole group for being late, but told them that he had just played golf for the first time since the onset of his symptoms. His pain never returned in the ankle, whenever his tremors returned, he treated himself and kept them at bay. He returned to work as an architect, and he and Jackie got their lives back. The Healing Blanket played a key role by allowing his body to reflect its healed state upon itself, and keep him healthy. They still send us a Christmas card.”—Dr. Lorraine Hache, Psy, DNM, PhD

"I have had many clients say they have an increased feeling of overall well being and more energy with them" –Zona Mikklesen, CNC, Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Then, to now

Eighteen Years ago the Russian Healing Blanket was a heavy, crinkly, mass of fabric that was effective, but that was somewhat uncomfortable, kept people awake, and that washing would damage irreparably. Just as microcurrent technology has improved with time, so has the Healing Blanket. These older models are obsolete in today’s market, but the Sana Health Blanket is a light-weight, colored fabric, that is actually able to be dry-cleaned, and so can be kept sanitary.

Benefits of the Sana Health Blanket are:

  • Immediate reduction of stress and tension (mental or physical) and sleep improvement;  
  • Repeated use strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to seasonal infections and allergies;  
  • Reduces recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses and enhances the effect of any medication, as well as shortens long-term disability claims.  
  • Increases brain wave activity thereby enhancing mood and one’s outlook.  
  • Safe to use with no complications, contraindications or side effects.  
  • Can be a stand-alone treatment or combine with other therapies, fitness or wellness programs.  
  • Portable, user friendly and durable product that requires little training.  
  • Environmentally friendly with no power source.  
  • Excellent for use at home, in a workplace lounge, fitness center, or at a workstation.  
  • Wide selection of patterns, colors and sizes available to suite your individual style.  
  • It takes only 20 to 40 minutes of soothing comfort in a relaxed environment.  

Owing to an ultimate simplicity of its application and absence of known complications, you can easily use the blanket at home or away – for a daily stress-relief, and relaxation, sleep improvement, prevention of diseases, and support in their treatment. It is recommended for everyone - and particularly for those, who have endured recent illness, trauma or surgery. 

Start improving your health today

The Sana Health Blanket is available in our store now in a full spectrum of colors, and if we don’t have the color you want, we can probably get it.

It's also available in multiple sizes, Crib, Queen, and King...

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John Hache
John Hache

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