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August 03, 2018 3 min read

What are Harmful EMFs?

In recent years, science has determined how the human body receives and uses information from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Several billion crystalline magnetites in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland, are meant to receive guiding information from the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies reside between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere, and are known as the Schumann Resonances. They run between 7.83hz and 33.8hz. We need these frequencies to maintain a healthy body balance and function optimally, and we can achieve this by running the frequencies through the device into our hands and feet. What we do when we do this is essentially recharge the weakened frequencies. If we still lived before electronics however, we wouldn’t need to do this. Today the Earth’s electromagnetic field is polluted with artificial frequencies, so the human body instead receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology. Some people are so sensitive to EMFs that they have moved to different country’s to escape the bombardments of smart meters and other types of technology. They do this because even if they refuse to let the technology be attached to their home, their neighbours might not, and the sheer coverage these man-made EMFs have is huge. We cannot escape these frequencies, despite our best efforts.

This all feels like a bit of a doomsday article, but what if you could convert those harmful EMFs that bombard you every day from sources such as your cellphone, your wifi signal, and even car radio signals on the highway into positive Schumann Resonances? Well, we can.

Enter Floww

Over the years we have done extensive research into a variety of different products that claim to be able to do this, and by chance we came across a company called Floww, whose technology takes the radio-wave emissions from GSM, Wifi and Bluetooth and puts them to positive use. This electromagnetic energy becomes a power-source, activating all Floww-devices. These then generate a naturally harmonious energy-field that consists of wavelengths comparable with the Schumann Resonances in the atmosphere that, we already know, contribute to vitality and reinforcement of the autoimmune system and help to keep the body in that health state.

How Floww Works

Floww EMF radiation protection devices act to convert harmful EMF radiation frequencies into body-friendly frequencies. This process is comparable to the way a radio works to convert radio frequencies into music that flows from your radio.

These Floww EMF protection products were developed in accordance with the principle of resonance. Each device consists of circuits of electronic components that respond to radiation emitted by one or several radiation sources, such as mobile phones or UMTS towers. The EMF protection devices resonate with that radiation and so create a field of neutralizing energy waves. This subtle but distinct “Floww” field is ‘fed’ by EMF radiation sources. Having more EMF radiation sources in the vicinity of the device actually increases the strength of the Floww field. The flowing waves of this field offset harmful radiation and neutralize the often angular or blocked radiation.

What Can I Expect?

Users of Floww products generally report a greater sense of relaxation. They tend to experience increased vitality and energy as well as sleeping more deeply. Others who have used these EMF protection devices say they are able to maintain and sense of well-being. Positive effects of the Floww field are said to be felt within the first week, and sometimes as early as the first day of use.

What’s Available?

Floww is available in four different products that cover a variety of different aspects: The MobileFloww sits on the back of your cellphone, which helps prevent the bombardment of negative waves directly into our brains, the ScreenFloww, which sits on your desk, or TV stand, the PocketFloww that is designed to provide protection on the move for your entire body, and finally, the HomeFloww system, a system which (through strategically placed pieces), aims to protect your home with a field of at least 1,000 m3.

All of these products have undergone extensive research and testing in Europe, and we are proud to announce that we are the exclusive North American distributors for this product.

Check out this video of an experiment conducted on the reaction of blood cells to cell phones with and without the MobileFloww!

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John Hache
John Hache

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