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Vagus Nerve Conductive Pad

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To learn how to position the Vagus Nerve Pads for microcurrent treatment, watch this video:

Vagus Nerve Pads

The Power and Accuracy of our Y-Probe at a Fraction of the Price

This pad is designed to mirror the spacing and size of our popular Y-Probe attachment.

Hands-Free Vagus Nerve Treatment is Now a Reality

Vagus nerve stimulation is a ground-breaking treatment that eliminates all types of inflammation, heat, swelling, and pain. The Vagus nerve descends directly from the head into the body, regulating essential functions like:

  • Digestion
  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • Your Fight-Or-Flight Reactions
  • Immune System Support

Mental Health Benefits

In this busy and ever-changing world, finding a safe and natural therapy for mental health is vital.

Vagus nerve stimulation has been a turning point for countless patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress.

If you’re ready to get back to living the life you love, Vagus nerve stimulation is a must.

Mental Wellbeing has Never been More Accessible

Finally, a mental health solution that requires no appointments, no waiting rooms, and no side effects is within grasp. Vagus nerve stimulation is a protocol gentle enough to use on any family member—even children.

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Save up to 20% when you buy in bulk. This discount is perfect for practitioners or home users looking to stock up on this essential accessory.

*Use Tensive Gel to ensure the best possible conductivity of these pads when standing or sitting up.

**This conductive pad requires the use of a standard red and black lead. Buy one here