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Vaginal Attachment (Cervical)

Vaginal Attachment

Achieve Optimum Feminine Health—at Any Age!

The Vaginal Attachment is a comfortable insertable attachment that delivers gentle microcurrent pulses to the vagina. The vaginal attachment is suitable for adult women of any age—no matter what season of life you are in!

Whether you just delivered your first child, or you are looking to address weakened pelvic muscles due to age, the Vaginal Attachment is a safe and comfortable accessory to assist with feminine microcurrent protocols. 

What Does the Vaginal Attachment Treat?

  • Helps with incontinence
  • Strengthens weak pelvic floor muscles due to age
  • Reduces muscle weakness for a better sex life
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor after childbirth
  • Address tearing after childbirth
  • Helps heal scar tissue as a result of childbirth or trauma
  • And more!

Don’t Forget These Additions:

To conduct internal microcurrent protocols that address incontinence, pelvic floor muscle toning, and so much more, you will need the following items that are not included with the attachment:

Renew Your Feminine Energy Today!

Women are powerful beings, yet they exude gentle energy—the same can be said for microcurrent therapy.

The powerful yet gentle nature of microcurrent therapy makes the Vaginal Attachment a must-have for addressing any concerns you may have regarding feminine or reproductive health.