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Flexible Y Tool (Tongue Stimulator)

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Tongue Stimulators are available in bulk by request of physicians that want 1 per patient.

Balance problems and dizziness that can cause disorientation (as is often seen in accident victims or by negative reactions to certain antibiotics or other medications such as those used in chemotherapy) have been corrected by microcurrent stimulation of the tongue. This is an avenue that is hardly explored. Getting the brain to override inaccurate signals given off by damaged tissue has tremendous healing value.

Stimulation of the tongue has long been an awkward experience with microcurrent. Many attachments are too big, don't have enough spread to effectively reach the right area, or otherwise cause discomfort due to the metal that often accompanies attachments. These stimulators are plastic, and fan out, so they can be adjusted to reach the appropriate areas of the tongue.

This tongue stimulator requires a standard red/black wire.