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Flexible Y Tool

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Flexible Y Tool

The essential tool to help you "rewire the brain" by accessing the pons.

Stimulating the tongue with microcurrent may be the answer to "resetting the brain" and eradicating an array of health problems, according to some researchers.

Think of the Pons as the "Gatekeeper of your Brain"

The tongue hosts an incredible amount of neuroreceptors that are closely connected to the brain's processing areas for movement, mood, sensation, balance, and cognition.

The Flexible Y Tool is a comfortable and effective way to stimulate the tongue and access all of those critical neuroreceptors located in the pons.

Now Treating the Pons is Easier and More Effective than Ever  

Up until now, stimulation of the tongue has been an awkward and uncomfortable process.

Many of the previously available attachments were:

  • Too big.
  • Uncomfortable because they were made of metal.
  • Didn't have enough spread to reach the correct areas effectively.

That's all changed!

Our Flexible Y Tool is made of comfortable plastic, can fan out, and can be adjusted to reach the appropriate areas of the tongue so that you can access the pons with ease and comfort.

Relieve Balance Problems and Dizziness

Dizziness and disorientation are common in accident victims, those taking certain antibiotics or other medications such as those used in chemotherapy.

Microcurrent stimulation of the tongue has helped our patients to override inaccurate signals in the brain and provide tremendous relief for balance issues and dizziness.

Buy More Flexible Y Tools and Save! 

These stimulators are available in bulk by request of physicians that want 1 per patient.

The Possibilities are Endless

Get to work treating the pons—a powerhouse of your brain—and so much more with the Flexible Y Tool today!

*This tongue stimulator requires a standard red/black wire