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Microcurrent Therapy for Post-Surgical Healing (E-book)


Surgery is something we all hope to avoid in our lifetimes. But the fact is many of us will need surgery at some point or another. As such, the doctors at Pain Free For Life are revealing everything we’ve learned in our combined 70+ years of practice regarding recovering post-surgical recovery.

A Revolutionary Method to Healing NATURALLY

We have witnessed incredible results in our clinic for patients stalling in their recovery post-op. How? Through the revolutionary method developed by Dr. John Hache, DNM, Ph.D. & Dr. Lorry Hache, PsyD – The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™.

What’s Inside?

This book aims to lay out an entirely achievable blueprint for recovering from surgery faster and more completely than conventional methods allow with the use of a revolutionary approach to post-surgical healing: microcurrent therapy.

Inside you will learn:

  • How The Hache Protocol™ supports surgical recovery
  • How to prepare for the postoperative experience
  • Common postoperative medications and prescriptions (and what they do)
  • Rob Vanbergen’s top tips and insights for effectively and naturally healing from surgery with microcurrent
  • How microcurrent therapy can replace addictive opioids
  • The best microcurrent device for post-surgical healing
  • Our four-step approach to post-surgical recovery with microcurrent
  • How microcurrent can prepare your body for surgery
  • Post-surgical complications and how to fix them with microcurrent
  • Step-by-step instructions for our most effective microcurrent protocols for healing after a surgery

If you or someone you love is planning an operation or surgical procedure – this text is a can’t-miss addition to your recovery plan!