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Microcurrent Device Holster with Lanyard

The Ultimate Accessory for Your Avazzia Life Device!

This holster provides a convenient and hands-free way to carry your device with you wherever you go, ensuring easy access to pain relief treatment at all times.

Designed for ultimate portability, the Device Holster with Lanyard features a clip that can be attached to pants, bags, or other items without the need for a belt. The cushioning inside the holster provides protection for your device while on the go, and the secure design ensures that it won't fall out of place.

Our Device Holder also allows for attachments to be plugged in while holstered, including pads, electrodes, and more.

This feature provides a versatile treatment experience without compromising on convenience.

The included lanyard provides another way of storing and carrying your device, allowing for even more flexibility in your pain relief treatment routine.

Order your Device Holster with Lanyard today and experience pain relief on the go like never before!