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Conductive 20 mm pads - set of 6

Conductive 20 MM Pads – Set of 6

Address Small Areas and Tap into Powerful Meridian Points for Profound Healing. 

Easy to Use

This set of self-adhesive conductive pads is a vital accessory when addressing small pain areas—specifically on the face.

All the Benefits of Acupuncture—None of the Needles

Feeling sluggish, tired, anxious, or having trouble sleeping? Your meridians may be unbalanced!

The stimulation and balancing of meridians have been used to eliminate illness for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now you can benefit from the therapeutic quality of acupuncture without any of the needles.

Electroacupuncture (needleless acupuncture with microcurrent) can:

  • Help with the treatment of allergic rhinitis
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Restore sensory functions after injury or degeneration
  • Assist in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Aid in eliminating chronic pain
  • And much more!

Not Sure Where to Treat? Try this set of Conductive Pads!

If you're new to needless acupuncture, these conductive pads are your best ally. Never wonder again if you're treating the right area—these pads do the work for you.

Start feeling the restorative and therapeutic nature of acupuncture today. Say goodbye to appointments, needles, anxiety, and start healing with this set of conductive pads.

**These conductive pads require the use of a standard red and black lead. Buy one here