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Bell Electrode

Get a Second Bell for $20

Bell Electrode

The Bell Electrode is an essential tool for treating large areas of pain that are far apart. It's also ideal for boosting immunity with the Pirogov's Rings Protocol.

Create a Complete Circuit that is Mobile!

When you perform microcurrent therapy with a pair of Bell Electrodes, you can create a complete circuit—the gentle microcurrent will travel from one bell though your body and into the other. Enjoy the ability to move around as you treat without breaking this circuit easily.

Multi-Directional Treatment

A pair of Bell Electrodes provide great success in treating large wounds and injury sites, as they allow multi-directional treatments.

Boost Immunity with the Pirogov's Ring Protocol

The Bell Electrode is essential when conducting the Pirogov's Ring Protocol.

This immunity treatment works on your throat and mucus membranes. It is used to treat respiratory infections such as rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and other symptoms affecting the mouth, teeth, and parotid gland. We've had great success in using Pirogov's Ring when treating these conditions in our patients.

Get a Second Bell for Only $20!

When you buy a pair of bells, you will receive the second one at a discounted price of $20. The Bell Electrode is always used in conjunction with a conductive pad or another bell.

There's never been a more critical time to have a robust immune system. Try the Bell Electrode today to treat wounds, boost immunity, and so much more!

*The Bell Electrode requires red/black lead and a conductive pad or another bell.