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Avazzia Med-Sport

Upgrade to a Kit & Save


BONUS: As with all devices purchased through The Sana Shop the Med-Sport comes with a complimentary E-book version of the Avazzia Med-Sport User's Manual and TWO FREE MONTHS in the Hache Protocol Online Training community with access to tonnes of video content designed to help you master this technology and take back your life from pain - you'll also receive unrivaled training and support from the team that brought this technology to North America.

Most people purchase as a kit for maximum utility.

The Avazzia Med-Sport is the entry level device for the home user who is need of quick pain relief without drugs or surgery.

Features include:

  • Long Lasting Pain Relief with Avazzia’s Advanced Microcurrent Waveforms
  • 4 Modes Ensure right level of pain relief: Relax, Mod 4:1, Blue Stimulate and Acute
  • Bio-Electric Feedback provides updates as tissue changes with treatment

Most users notice pain reduction in just one simple treatment!

Small Kit Includes:Med-Sport Device, Zipper Pouch, Conductive Pads (for simple self-treatment), and necessary wires.

Deluxe Kit Includes:Med-Sport Device, Medium Zipper Case, Conductive Pads, Y Electrode, & necessary wires.