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Avazzia Life Genesis to Avazzia Life Evolution Upgrade

Ready to Take Your Pain Resolution to the Next Level?

Upgrade from the Avazzia Life Genesis to the Avazzia Life Evolution at any time to take advantage of our exclusive trade-in offer.

After our clients see the life-changing results of an entry-level microcurrent device, they often want to maximize those results and upgrade their device.

If at any time, over the lifetime of owning your Avazzia Life Genesis, you would like to upgrade to the Avazzia Life Evolution, we would like to make that process as easy and value-packed as possible with this exclusive trade-in offer:

Trade in your Avazzia Life Genesis and get a BRAND NEW Avazzia Life Evolution for just $1500 (Please note: The trade in is the device only and does not include accessories)!

Why Do So Many of Our Clients Upgrade to The Avazzia Life Evolution?

The Life Evolution offers a professional experience at an affordable price with more features and customizable treatments to suit your individual needs.

The Life Evolution is the perfect unit to interface with the Scalar Qi, ViaQi, Microcurrent Goggles, and more - making it an incredibly versatile machine both regeneratively and for anti-inflammatory needs.

The Life Evolution also works with all your Genesis accessories! No need to reinvest in the microcurrent accessories you know and trust.

What Makes the Avazzia Life Evolution Better than ANY Other At-Home Microcurrent Machine?

The Evolution represents a quantum leap beyond previous generations of home use microcurrent machines. The Evolution is the best performing home microcurrent machine available today for:

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation – Flip the switch on pain with this systemic anti-inflammatory treatment!
  • Systemic Neurofeedback – Support sleep enhancement, stress reduction, and treating symptoms of depression through simple yet powerfully effective neurofeedback protocols.
  • Exclusive Anti-Inflammatory Programs –Dial into a collection of anti-inflammatory frequency sets to ensure that pain —no matter its source —can be tackled simply and effectively.
  • The ONLY At-Home Microcurrent Device on the Market to Feature FM RSI Frequencies– Designed specifically for repetitive stress injuries and chronic pain, these frequencies are associated with reducing fluid retention in joints.

FM RSI frequencies are uniquely capable of shutting down chronic pain and tense muscle problems—a considerable aid for any arthritic condition or chronic inflammation of any kind.

This Upgrade Offer NEVER Expires

We are offering this trade-in deal for the entire life of your Genesis device. So, whenever the time is right for you to take your microcurrent healing to the next level—we’ll be there for you! We can’t wait to see the progress that you accomplish as you move through your healing journey!

Upgrading Is Simple

When it’s time to accelerate your healing, simply place your order on this page and we will ship you a brand new device - when you receive it we just ask that you return your Genesis to us. You keep ALL of the attachments.

Still Unsure?

If you’re not sure if the Avazzia Life Evolution is for you, just give us a call, and we’ll talk you through the details to help you decide which device is best for you. Our number is toll-free: 1-888-758-0851