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SANA Pencil Electrode

NEW Sana Pencil Electrode  

A Simple and Sleek Accessory That Delivers Revolutionary Results

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that would make microcurrent therapy easier and more effective than ever? Well, you're in luck! The NEW SANA Pencil Electrode works with any microcurrent device in the Avazzia line to deliver sensational results that have turned our patients into RAVING fans.

New and Improved Design Now Available

We've worked to improve upon previous pencil attachments to create a design that includes:

  • A better grip for ease of use.
  • More surface area on the tip for improved coverage.
  • A smoother and more comfortable surface that won't scratch or catch on the skin.

This innovative design allows for simple-to-execute treatments with maximum comfort and outstanding results.

More Flexibility in Treatment Options Than Ever Before

The Sana Pencil Electrode excels in:

  • Stimulation of acupuncture points—Traditional acupuncture treatment involves penetrating the skin with numerous needles at crucial points in the body. Electroacupuncture is a great pain-free alternative.
  • Cosmetic treatment of the face and eyes—microcurrent facial rejuvenation!
  • Pain management of the face and eyes.
  • Tracing meridian lines— Restore function after injury or degeneration.
  • Auriculotherapy work (ear acupuncture)—All of the benefits of acupuncture with none of the needles.

Try the New Pencil Electrode Today!

The possibilities are practically endless when you have the right microcurrent accessories in your arsenal. See how the NEW Pencil Electrode revolutionizes your microcurrent routine today!

*The NEW Sana Pencil Electrode requires a standard lead wire for use to connect to your microcurrent device.