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Conductive Glove

Add a second glove for just $20!

Conductive Glove

Wave goodbye to aching hands when you reach for these Conductive Gloves.

Complete Conductive Coverage

This glove is made of entirely conductive silver-mesh material, delivering gentle yet powerful microcurrent pulses across the fabric's entire surface area.

Your hands will be gently and comfortably wrapped in soothing frequencies to promote healing from an array of hand issues like:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon problems
  • And more

Easy Hands-Free Treatment of Your Hands

This Conductive Glove will save you tons of time and hassle because you're free to move around during treatment. Perform microcurrent therapy while you relax on the couch, listen to your favorite podcast, or take a quick walk.

A Size for Everyone

We offer these conductive gloves in a large and small size to suit your individual needs. These gloves will fit comfortably on your hands and provide the relief you've been waiting for.

Note:We automatically ship size large gloves. Please specify in your order notes if you would prefer the smaller sized gloves or send us an email after ordering


Save time and money by buying a pair of these Conductive Gloves to treat both hands simultaneously.

*Hand wash only. For treating a single hand, you will need a conductive pad as a ground and red and black lead wire to use this Conductive Glove. Buy one here