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Spectra Gel

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel

Performing internal microcurrent treatment has never been more comfortable or effective with Spectra 360 Electrode Gel. Spectra 360’s salt and chlorine-free formula make it an excellent choice for prolonged use without irritation.

Benefits of Spectra 360 Electrode Gel:

  • Stay-Wet formula allows for sustained use without the need for re-application
  • Non-Gritty
  • Product of choice for Insertable microcurrent accessories
  • Non-irritating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Salt-free—no sodium ion transfer
  • 60 g (2 oz.) tube

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel works by reducing skin resistance for ease and comfort of treatment while increasing conductivity for better results.

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is an Essential Addition to the Following Accessories:

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel makes internal microcurrent protocols more comfortable, safe, and effective than ever—try it today!