Pro-Sport III & Scalar Qi Limited Time Bundle
Pro-Sport III & Scalar Qi Limited Time Bundle Pro-Sport III & Scalar Qi Limited Time Bundle
$4,650.00 $5,050.00

BONUS: As with all devices purchased through The Sana Shop the Pro-Sport III comes with a complimentary E-book version of the Pro-Sport III User's Guide and TWO FREE MONTHS in the Hache Protocol Online Training community with access to tonnes of video content designed to help you master this technology and take back your life from pain - you'll also receive unrivaled training and support from the team that brought this technology to North America.

Both the Standalone and Deluxe Kit Versions of this limited time bundle contain a Scalar Qi ($1200 value) at a drastically reduced price.

Deluxe Kit comes with Pro-Sport III Device, Vinyl Carry Case with Insert, Conductive Pads, Y Electrode, Brush Electrode, Pencil Electrode, batteries, manual, & Leadwires

Our top of the line model, often used by professionals such as doctors and veterinarians is without a doubt, the most advanced microcurrent technology on the market today.  Effective non-drug, non-invasive treatment of acute and chronic pain, this device is chock full of features not found anywhere else.

With over 50 preset programs, and the ability to add your own and set the frequency of your device, it is the current pinnacle in microcurrent advancement—capable of tackling even the most complex health issues with excellent results.

Designed with professional user’s in mind, this device’s capabilities include:

  • Muscle Stimulation: Enabling the stimulation of degenerated or damaged muscles to alleviate pain
  • Pain Management: The ability to diversely manage all types of pain experienced by an individual.
  • Chakra Frequency Sets: Which are reported to balance the Chakras and increase emotional wellbeing across the body.
  • Acupuncture Frequency Sets: For the stimulation of meridian points used by acupuncturists to enhance overall health and wellbeing
  • Solfeggio Frequency Sets: Patients report that these High-powered frequencies deal with pain associated with neuropathy.
  • Toning Frequency Sets: Toning the body to increase health and wellbeing, and control weight.
  • Advanced LINQ Technology: Enables the technology to establish a pathway for treatment directly with the body through the peripheral nervous system.
  • Neurofeedback Frequency Sets: (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, Gamma): Essential for obtaining maximum value from the Hache Protocol.
  • AVA Mode: A fully customizable mode allowing you to set your device to any frequency and customize it to your needs. This mode is essential to using advanced protocols.
  • Four Programmable Modes: Allowing you to program in specific parts of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution that have been entered into AVA mode, for quick and easy access to this life changing frequencies.