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Handheld Polarized Light System

Do you want access to spectrum therapy?

Natural light vibrates in all directions. In polarized light the light waves move in parallel plains. A polarizer transforms unpolarized light into polarized light by absorbing some of the light and selectively allowing the rest to pass through. Using the lamp on a regular basis promotes wound healing and leads to better cosmetic results, less visible scars, faster healing skin.

In connection with wound healing scientists have proven that polarized light therapy improves microcirculation, stimulates the deposition of collagen fibers, promotes the body’s regeneration processes and reduces inflammation.

This handheld Polarized Light Machine requires a power socket, and can be combined with the light-color set, to enable a variety of different treatments. The colors included are:

  • Violet: inspiring, calming
  • Blue: calming, soothing
  • Pink: relaxing, calming
  • Red: activates, stimulates
  • Orange: cheers you up, provides energy
  • Green: balances, calms, relieves tension