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Treating Warts & Eczema with Avazzia: Microcurrent Treatment Advice

What are Warts?

Common warts are actually an infection in the top layer of skin, caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus, or HPV, family. When the virus invades this outer layer of skin, usually through a tiny scratch, it causes rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of skin – creating the wart.

People who get warts are surprisingly prone to eczema as well, and often, a patch of eczema will precede an outbreak of warts. This is due largely to the scratching that accompanies eczema which opens up the area for the virus to invade.

The best way to prevent warts?

Well, the truth is… we can’t. Not entirely. Warts are transmitted through the ways all viruses are transmitted: contact. The best way to prevent getting them is just to wash your hands frequently, and make sure you are diligent when in public pools, and gyms.

How do we treat the area?

The inflammation that accompanies eczema is why it gets so hot and itchy, and so we often treat this with microcurrent frequencies of 121hz modulated 3:1 so that the device can be held stationary on the skin. These frequencies reduce inflammation and provide a relief from the underlying eczema, but the dryness of eczema is often something that comes back to haunt us. Using a good quality eczema cream and applying it to the treatment site prior to treatment can increase its effects as the current from the device drives the cream very deep into the skin providing maximum relief.

Inflammation reduction of areas of wart outbreaks can be treated in the same way if the area around the warts is red, and puffy. However, once the area is less red we recommend switching to a mode with the frequencies that fluctuate between 22-163hz with pulses set between 1-5, which in the Avazzia Technology lines up with Blue Stimulate. Five-minute treatments 2-4 times a day on the effected area have been known to accelerate the healing process of the warts.

Please bare in mind that Warts are contagious, so cleaning your electrode after treatment with rubbing alcohol is recommended. When cleaning it is equally important to clean the plastic around the electrode as it is to clean the electrode itself.

We’d also recommend covering the warts when not treating them to prevent spreading. If you have access to any PEMF generators for your Avazzia technology, you will be able to keep them covered and treat them at the same time!

There’s more…

We don’t need to stop there however, there are a few more complex treatments that work very well for a variety of issues that may be of help. These include Three Pathways & Six Points (detailed in both Current Medicine & The AvazziaLife User’s Manual) as well as adrenal treatment.

Effective treatment of the adrenals for this condition requires a digital readout on your microcurrent device, so only Avazzia Pro Sport Ultra users, or Pro Sport 3 users will be able to effectively complete the protocol.

The image below shows the adrenal areas on the back.

We start this treatment by taking readings on these in Reactions mode, if the adrenals show high we treat them with 350hz, if they show low, we treat them with a frequency between 60hz and 90hz, both in a painting motion.

Current Medicine details 17 more treatment areas for dealing with Eczema and related skin conditions on page 110 - get your copy today, in print, or e-book format!